Move aside, red wine! The sun is out and we’re gearing up for a long, hot summer of Sangria. This festive Spanish favourite is usually made on wine and a whole lot of fruit; sometimes with brandy, and sometimes with a splash of vodka for extra oomph. But however you like it, this is a drink that’s simply made for balmy afternoons with friends. Got you craving a pitcher of the stuff? We thought as much, so here’s our pick of where to find great Sangria in Sydney.
Barrio Cellar Sangria
A neon sign on Barrio Cellar’s wall proclaims “Everything With Tequila”, so it’s not too hard to guess which spirit stars in its house Sangria concoction. Expect a punchy blend of Herradura Plato, red wine, Cointreau, orange and cloves, on offer by the glass, or by the jug. A choice match to a lively feast of tacos, quesadillas and burgers.
Calaveras Mexican Cantina & Tequila Bar Sangria
This authentic cantina and bar delivers a proper taste of Mexico, with its striking Day of the Dead artwork and menu filled with punchy flavours. The Sangria here sticks with tradition, blending red wine, spices and plenty of fresh fruit. Enjoy it by the glass, or by the jug.
El Camino Cantina Sangria
Fun and lively Tex-Mex, served with a big side of rock’n’roll, El Camino Cantina is ideal for those group hang scenarios. And, of course, the perfect match to a feast of enchiladas and tacos is a big, cool jug of Sangria. Here, you can grab a red wine, white wine, or rosé version, either by the glass or by the share-friendly tower.
The Argyle Sangria
This sprawling party destination is throwing down a whole range of summer-worthy cocktail jugs, including three different varieties of Sangria. There’s a classic red wine one, a lychee-infused white wine version and even an on-trend, tricked-up rosé blend. Jugs are usually $36, but just $25 if you visit between noon and midnight on a Sunday.
Beach Burrito Sangria
For a beachside Mexican fix, you can’t beat the fun and colour of Bondi’s Beach Burrito. Alongside the quesadillas and burrito bowls, this spot’s shaking up all sorts of festive thirst-quenchers, including the classic house Sangria blend of red wine, fruits and secret spices. It’s on offer by the glass or the jug, and those share serves are specially priced at $20 each Sunday.
The Botanist
The Botanist Sangria
This botanically-inspired beauty is your go-to for elegant, produce-driven plates, but also for sophisticated share cocktails. Here, you can try a bright and breezy rosé-based Sangria, with Chambord, rhubarb bitters, strawberries and grapefruit. As an added bonus, jugs are just $20 each on Sundays.
Despana Sangria
A warm atmosphere and drool-worthy line-up of authentic tapas dishes has marked Despana as one of Glebe’s culinary go-to’s. Here, you can team a feed with jugs or solo serves of traditionally-made, red wine Sangria. It’s fruity, spicy and the ideal accompaniment to some summer feasting in the sunny courtyard.
Made By The Hill
Rooty Hill
Made By The Hill Sangria
This western suburbs bar loves Sangria so much, it offers two different varieties of the classic thirst-quencher. Try the red wine version, made with Cointreau, peach schnapps, ginger ale and fresh fruit, or opt for the lighter white wine edition, featuring lychees, berries and apple. A jug of either will set you back just $25.
Elizabeth Bay
Gazebo Sangria
This Italian-leaning, garden-inspired bar does a twist on the usual Sangria, instead using a Tuscan Chianti wine as the base. It’s then pepped up with Southern Comfort, pineapple juice, lemonade and fruit, served by the jug and best enjoyed out on the leafy, sun-drenched terrace.
Cauliflower Hotel Sangria
Rounding out a trio of share-friendly cocktail jugs, this Waterloo pub crafts a classic red wine Sangria, with a blend of cabernet merlot, Cointreau, fresh fruit and lemonade. Enjoy yours up on the rooftop, alongside a few of the kitchen’s vibrant taco creations.
Le Souk Beirut Sangria
For a Sangria fix with a delicious Middle Eastern twist, head down to Le Souk Beirut. This Surry Hills bar and restaurant does a Lebanese version of the classic cocktail, featuring a gutsy red wine, along with apricot liqueur, arak, lemonade and fresh fruit.